Is The High Price Of Limo Rental Worth It?

limorental2If you are interested in renting a limousine, you may have compared its prices to standard vehicles. You may have noticed the slight price increase with limo rental compared to your average vehicle. You may be asking yourself if its price is justified or is the experience or riding a limo really worth that much? In this article, we’ll look into the real value of limousine rental and decide if it’s worth renting. Read on for more information. (links)

We are going to look beyond the obvious reasons and dive deep into the reason why limo rentals are more expensive. We will look if the price is justified or are you just paying because the name ‘limousine’ is put on a type of vehicle.

First of all, the rates for limousine rental is comparable to most luxury sedan rates. There are many luxury vehicles that are even more expensive than limousines. When you consider what you’re getting, it’s justifiable. In limousines, you get a more comfortable ride, your own chauffeur (if you want), superior entertainment system, and more leg room. In luxury sedans, you will get most of this but the leg room is smaller. It also does not offer much luxury as much as even a simple limousine.

Another thing that accounts for the high price of limousine rental is the fact that it cost more to operate. It has lower fuel economy compared to most cars you see on the road. Heck, some limousine models can have a fuel economy as bad as big 4×4 trucks, and that is quite low. Its longer body, coupled with bigger wheels and increased in overall weight makes it an expensive car to run. Its rarity not only contributes to its perceived value, but also contributes to a more expensive maintenance. Since most limousines are not common, getting parts for it is hard and can sometimes take a long time. If you consider the maintenance and operating cost of a limo, you’ll get a sense of why its rental rate is high.

Limousines have a particular niche market, and that niche consists of people that spend a lot of money. The primary demographic of limo rentals are rich people and wedding couples. You know that both these demographics will spend a lot of money. This is another reason why limo rental companies can jack up the price of their rental without any repercussions. Most of their customers are prone to spending so it just makes sense to increase the price to increase their profits.

If you hire a chauffeur to drive you around town, the rental cost would be even higher. In order to drive a stretch limo, you need a special license and since the average person don’t have the proper license, they need to rent a driver as well. This is yet another reason why it cost more to rent a limo.

In summary, you’re not paying only to experience prestige and luxury, but you’re also paying for several things like high maintenance cost, operating cost, demand, and extra features. If you think that these things are worth your extra dollars, then renting a limo is definitely worth it. For more information, go to Cleveland Limousine Service.

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