Pro tips to get the most from your party bus or limo rental experience

party bus or limo rental

If you’re considering using a limo rental service, let our great tips help you make the experience a fabulous one.

There’s a ton of reason’s you may want to rent a limo, from simple airport transfer services to making a special event even more special, or just having a fun and safe way to travel to event’s and concerts. Here are our top tips to make the experience a great one.

Have a plan.

Limousine services are popular, and if you don’t have a reservation, chances are you won’t be able to get the date you want. Especially if you’re holding an event in wedding season. Make sure you book your car and put down a deposit to be sure you get the date and the vehicle you want.

Let the company know more about the event, too. A good limo service may have special packages or even specialize in certain events, being able to offer priority access at night clubs or red carpet roll-outs for brides. Knowing how long you need the service for, the distance you’re going and the passengers you’re taking will help ensure that the quotes you get are relevant and realistic.

Check the limo service out properly.

Know what type of vehicle you’re looking for, too. Remember, limos go far beyond the classic stretch- there’s even stretch SUVs! So you want to know that the company can provide the vehicle you want, too. You’ll want to make sure that the vehicle you’re hiring is in good condition and matches it’s photos on the website, too.

You’ll also need to make sure the limo service understands what you need for them. They can usually provide anything, from bottled water and a full service food and beverage bar, to the right connections for your iPod or DVD to play in the car. If you let them know your needs, you can both plan accordingly and make the most of the trip.view this link!

Give the limousine service your plan.

Let the livery service know what you’re intending to do while in the car. For example, is it a straight process between the start and destination, or are there other stops you’d like to make on the way? At the same time, make sure the fee they’re quoting you on is the ‘all-inclusive’ one. Unscrupulous vendors can offer a base rate that looks good, then load it up with all sorts of fees.

party bus or limo rental

That said, be prepared to tip the driver around 20% of the total bill. If a gratuity is automatically added to the bill, you might want to make sure that it actually reaches your driver and isn’t pocketed by the company. Remember that getting good referrals from friends or reliable internet sites remain a great way to pick a service company, too.view more from

If you want to rent a limo, these easy tips will help you make the process a great one that brings the results you want.

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