6 Tips for Making the Most Out Of Your Wedding Limo Service

You’re getting married and you want to be able to celebrate your big day by arriving and leaving in style. In order to travel in luxury, you’re going to have to book a rental with a limousine service. To help make your wedding day unforgettable, we’ll show you 6 tips to make the most of your wedding limo service.Wedding Limousine Services

  1. Book As Soon As Possible

Book your rental as soon as possible. A limo rental should be booked weeks in advance because you don’t want to risk your chances of running into any problems with getting to and from your wedding venue.

  1. Construct a timeline

When you’re booking your limo service you’re going to want to construct a timeline with the company so that you can accurately plan when and where you’re going to arrive and get picked up. For instance, if you plan to use the limousine throughout the day to get from your hair and makeup appointment to the wedding venue, you should let your company know. You don’t have to write down every second of your day, but just make sure to communicate when you’ll need their services.

  1. Account for Delays

While you may be excited about your big day, you should still account for any accidents or delays that could happen from keeping you from getting to your venue on time. Give yourself at least an extra 10-20 minutes to account for traffic, delays, car accidents, etc.

  1. Take a Sneak Peek of your Ride

Nothing is more disappointing than stepping into your limousine on your wedding day and finding it to be lackluster. In order to prevent this, you should ask the limo service if they will allow you to check out the limousine before your wedding day. This way you can ensure that you’re booking a rental that is exactly to your expectations.

  1. Ask About Extras Included

On your wedding day, everything should be perfect. Most limousine services can take any special requests as long as you confirm with them beforehand. Give details of what type of drinks you’d like stocked in the limo, the type of music played, and any decorations you’d like to have included.

  1. Read through contract

After you have all the details planned out and you’re getting ready to book, you should make sure to read through the contract carefully. On rare occasions there may be missing details, make sure that the contract states everything you planned in your itinerary. Double check any dates, deadlines, and if they will be enough to accommodate your requests. Check refund policies, liability regulations, and if they include sales tax.

Congrats on Your Big Day

To rent a limo refer to limo services located within the location you’re getting married. You should be extremely excited; you’re getting a step closer to your big day. Checking off a limo rental for your big day gives you one less thing to worry about. We hope that you have a great day. Check out this site: http://charlottepromlimo.com/3-tips-making-wedding-planning-process-seamless/



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