How Can I Justify the Extra Cost of Limousine Rental?

If you’ve been renting cars for a while now, one thing that you may have noticed is limousine rental is a tad more expensive than your usual car rental. That should make you wonder if the quality of the ride is worth that much.

This article aims to answer just that. We will look into many factors that contributes to the higher rate of limousine when compared to your standard car. We will examine the real reasons behind the price difference and determine if it is worth it or nah. I will provide several factors to consider and upon the conclusion of this article, I want you to decide if the price difference is fair or not.

Why are limousine rental more expensive?

Base price of the vehicle

Limousine rental rates are definitely higher compared to say, a normal sedan. One justification is the base price of the vehicle. A limousine is definitely pricier compared to a normal sedan. The interior is premium and the ride comfort is relatively better. Many would consider limousine cars are luxury sedans. If that is the case, the price difference can be based on the base price of the car alone. It’s up for you to decide if the added style and comfort is worth the price.

Cost of maintenance

Another thing that contributes to the price different is the maintenance cost. Limousines aren’t actually that common. They are in fact, very rare. You can count the times you’ve seen one on the road. As such, limousine parts are harder to find making repairs a bit of a headache. If you know a bit about car maintenance, you know how difficult it is to find a part for a rare brand of car. That is simply the case here, limousine is rare, thus equals more expensive parts.

Cost of operation

Limousines are naturally bulkier and longer than usual sedans. While some limousines have comparable length to most luxury sedans, the average is still longer than most. Limousines generally have roomier interior as well. This contributes to its higher weight. This leads to worse fuel consumption. Some limousines, the ones used in proms, have fuel economies comparable to that of a large truck. That is surely something that should be considered when pricing a limousine rental.

Perception of the vehicle

Most people overlook this but limousine rental companies will offer higher rental rates because they can do so without backlash. They are simply pricing their limousine rental to what most people would willingly pay. If people are willing to pay more for the extra comfort and safety, then so be it. The added prestige and classic aura of the limousine certainly helps in maintaining its elegant image. Many people are willing to pay the extra to experience its magnificence. Basically, you can say that the image of the limousine plays a huge role on its rental rate.

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