Is The High Price Of Limo Rental Worth It?

limorental2If you are interested in renting a limousine, you may have compared its prices to standard vehicles. You may have noticed the slight price increase with limo rental compared to your average vehicle. You may be asking yourself if its price is justified or is the experience or riding a limo really worth that much? In this article, we’ll look into the real value of limousine rental and decide if it’s worth renting. Read on for more information. (links)

We are going to look beyond the obvious reasons and dive deep into the reason why limo rentals are more expensive. We will look if the price is justified or are you just paying because the name ‘limousine’ is put on a type of vehicle.

First of all, the rates for limousine rental is comparable to most luxury sedan rates. There are many luxury vehicles that are even more expensive than limousines. When you consider what you’re getting, it’s justifiable. In limousines, you get a more comfortable ride, your own chauffeur (if you want), superior entertainment system, and more leg room. In luxury sedans, you will get most of this but the leg room is smaller. It also does not offer much luxury as much as even a simple limousine.

Another thing that accounts for the high price of limousine rental is the fact that it cost more to operate. It has lower fuel economy compared to most cars you see on the road. Heck, some limousine models can have a fuel economy as bad as big 4×4 trucks, and that is quite low. Its longer body, coupled with bigger wheels and increased in overall weight makes it an expensive car to run. Its rarity not only contributes to its perceived value, but also contributes to a more expensive maintenance. Since most limousines are not common, getting parts for it is hard and can sometimes take a long time. If you consider the maintenance and operating cost of a limo, you’ll get a sense of why its rental rate is high.

Limousines have a particular niche market, and that niche consists of people that spend a lot of money. The primary demographic of limo rentals are rich people and wedding couples. You know that both these demographics will spend a lot of money. This is another reason why limo rental companies can jack up the price of their rental without any repercussions. Most of their customers are prone to spending so it just makes sense to increase the price to increase their profits.

If you hire a chauffeur to drive you around town, the rental cost would be even higher. In order to drive a stretch limo, you need a special license and since the average person don’t have the proper license, they need to rent a driver as well. This is yet another reason why it cost more to rent a limo.

In summary, you’re not paying only to experience prestige and luxury, but you’re also paying for several things like high maintenance cost, operating cost, demand, and extra features. If you think that these things are worth your extra dollars, then renting a limo is definitely worth it. For more information, go to Cleveland Limousine Service.

Getting A Limousine Ride For My Date – Is It Too Much?

limousine26If you want to keep your relationship exciting, you are going to need a few tricks to make sure that both of you will always experience something unique and special. This is especially true if you are already in a long term relationship. You don’t want your dates to become boring and repetitive because pretty soon they would be a choir and it’s definitely not a thing to look forward to. The reason why many relationship becomes stale is either one or both parties become too predictable and redundant. To keep the relationship as exciting as it was on your first months or years, you need to shake things up every once in a while.

Cool Limousine Trivia

Since we are in the topic of changing up your date patterns, why not look into renting a limousine for one of your dates?

Surely, this is a unique date idea. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with the typical movie and dinner date but sometimes, you need to go the extra mile and offer something unique. This would make the relationship a lot more fun and engaging for both parties involved. Sometimes you just need to put in the work and effort to make something special.

Imagine yourself riding a limousine on your way to your girlfriend’s house. Imagine her face when she sees you riding a limousine fetching her right in front of her house. That would be so cool and so romantic. And since limousine companies need to be operated by professional drivers and chauffeurs, you are free to do whatever it is you want. You will have your own personal chauffeur at your service. They would give you whatever it is that your request as long as it is within the contract.

If you do this, you will set the tone for the night. Your girlfriend will surely love that you put in the effort and worked out this magnificent surprise for her.

But before all that, you need to know how to look for the right limousine for your date. Only hire licensed limousine rental companies to ensure quality of service. Read reviews if you can to have an idea of what to expect from the company of your choice. Do not base your decision on price alone. Some will offer higher rates but if they provide better quality, that is a money well spent. You, of course, would want to make sure that the date would go perfect. Therefore, it’s always better to go for something a little more classy and a little more expensive than to choose a cheap rate with bad quality of service.

Whatever it is that you choose, just make sure to have the best night of your life. If you need more information regarding the best limousine in town, you can go to this limousine rental site.

These Teens Secretly Wore Superhero Outfits To Prom

On April 30th, several new superheroes were introduced to the world. Well, not new superheroes per say, but certainly younger versions of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, and Captain America made an appearance at the Subiaco Academy prom, in Arkansas.

Fittingly enough, the photo was taken by Mr. Bolinger, a police officer who moonlights as a photographer with a co-worker on their off time. News sources say Bolinger’s cousin asked him to take photos of his son, who is the young man dressed as Superman below.

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Uber lawsuits timeline: company ordered to pay out $61.9m since 2009

The startup disrupting the taxi industry via one simple ride-hailing app has been batting away lawsuits since 2009 heres a comprehensive roundup

Uber which at its latest valuation of $62.5bn is the worlds most valuable private startup has paid huge sums of money in legal settlements across the world since the taxi-hailing company was founded in 2009.

As the increasingly powerful ride-sharing startup continues its rapid growth, were tracking the diverse court battles forcing Uber and its investors to pay out. Its strategy of disrupting traditional taxi businesses, and confronting political and legislative hurdles as it does so, has forced it to pay out at least $62m (44m) since it launched, and it also faces more than 170 lawsuits in the US alone.

Safe ride fee suit: $25m (18m)

Status: settled

In its latest settlement in California, Uber agreed to change its marketing language and said it would no longer call itself the safest ride on the road nor describe its drivers background checks as the gold standard. A $1 safe ride fee will also be renamed a booking fee.

Prosecutors in San Francisco and Los Angeles alleged that it was false for Uber to say it was the leader in screening drivers when its background checks were inferior to the process taxi drivers undergo, since Uber does not include fingerprint checks.

In a settlement approved by a San Francisco judge on 7 April, Uber agreed to pay at least $10m, but will have to pay a further $15m if it does not comply with the terms over the next two years.

Class-action safety complaint: $28.5m (20m)

Status: settled

In two class-action lawsuits that raised similar safety concerns, Uber agreed to pay $28.5m in February 2016 to settle the cases.

That settlement, which entitled riders to a tiny cut of the reward (less than $1 each), was also in response to complaints that Uber misled consumers with safety claims in marketing materials.

Uber has faced a number of high-profile PR nightmares tied to safety concerns, including stories surrounding the rape of a passenger in India and a recent shooting spree by a driver in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

French court: $1.3m (911,000)

Status: settled

In January 2016, a French court ordered Uber to pay 1.2m (911,000) to a rival taxi group in response to a complaint that drivers were violating rules. A court ruled that drivers for Uber were illegally collecting fares while waiting in the street a practice that is only authorized for taxi drivers who pay for licenses.

Data failure: $7m (5m)

Status: settled

In January 2016, Uber agreed to pay more than $7m to the California Public Utilities Commission, an agency that regulates transportation companies and had alleged that the startup failed to comply with data reporting requirements. Uber appealed the decision, but agreed to pay the fine so that its license to operate would not be suspended.

The commission had accused Uber of failing to report operational data, including statistics on customers who requested vehicles that can accommodate the disabled and figures on the cause of driving accidents.

Driver who slept in her car: $15,000 (11,000)

Status: settled

Hephzibah Dollar, a California Uber driver who said she was living out of her car, filed a complaint in 2015 with the state labor commissioners office alleging that the company owed her more than $15,000 for her driving time due to unauthorised deductions and reimbursable expenses.

Uber decided to settle, but disagreed with the womans claims.

New York settlement: $20,000 (14,000)

Uber agreed to pay a $20,000 penalty in January 2016 in New York after the state attorney generals 14-month investigation into Ubers privacy practices and the use of a so-called God View tool to track riders.

The settlement required Uber to encrypt rider geo-location information and levied the fine for Ubers failure to report unauthorized third-party access to drivers personal information after a data breach incident.

Alaska dispute: $78,000 (55,000)

Status: settled

Uber agreed to pay $77,925 in 2015 to the state of Alaska after facing accusations that it misclassified drivers as independent contractors instead of employees.

State labor officials had alleged that Uber was avoiding paying unemployment insurance, taxes and worker compensation premiums by incorrectly classifying its drivers. Uber had operated in Anchorage for six months, but ceased operations when it could not come to an agreement with the local government.

Wrongful death lawsuit: undisclosed amount

Status: settled

In 2015, Uber agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Sofia Liu, a six-year-old girl killed in a collision with an Uber driver on New Years Eve in 2013.

After Lius death, Uber claimed the driver Syed Muzzafar was not providing services on the Uber system during the crash, since he did not have a passenger in his vehicle. California lawmakers subsequently passed a law requiring ride-share drivers and companies to have liability insurance coverage at all times when drivers are using the application including when they are searching for fares.

Driver class-action

Status: ongoing

In a case that could have wide implications for the sharing economy and labor laws, three drivers have sued Uber in federal court in San Francisco, contending that they should be classified as employees, not independent contractors. They argue they are entitled to reimbursement for expenses, including gas and vehicle maintenance.

Uber has said the contractor model is a key part of the companys success, and if a judge ruled that drivers are employees, it could force the startup to pay social security, unemployment insurance and workers compensation.

Most recently, a federal appeals court ruled that Uber can appeal over the class-action status of the lawsuit.

Antitrust lawsuit

Status: ongoing

In March, a district judge in New York dealt a blow to Ubers chief executive, Travis Kalanick, when he failed to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit accusing him of scheming to drive up prices for passengers. The case, led by Spencer Meyer of Connecticut, challenges Ubers algorithm for setting fares, arguing that it fixed prices in a way that drove out rivals.

The complaint targets the practice of surge pricing, in which Uber raises rates during periods of peak demand.

New York taxi lawsuit

Status: ongoing

Taxi owners in New York City sued the city and its taxi and limousine commission in November 2015, alleging that the proliferation of Uber is destroying their businesses and threatening their livelihoods.

The complaint filed in federal court alleges that the city violated yellow cab drivers exclusive right to pick up passengers on the street by allowing Uber drivers to get passengers via the phone app.

Sexual assault lawsuit

Status: ongoing

Uber targets its marketing toward women who have been drinking, but fails to protect them by routinely hiring people with criminal histories and inadequately screening drivers, according to one lawsuit filed in US district court in San Francisco. The suit was filed over two alleged sexual assaults by Uber drivers.

Total so far: $61.913m (43.484m)

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How Do You Hire The Most Reliable Airport Transportation Service?

Going for a long trip is always been tiring and stressful. Even a vacation trip can feel tiring even when you are going to a good place. Now, imagine going on a business trip – how tedious would that be? Imagine the long lines and the wasted time of you running around the airport looking for taxi. What if there is some way you can avoid all of this and make your ride as comfortable as you like. Luckily, there are several ways to help make your business trip and ride more comfortable.

Check the company’s reputation

It is important that you hire a limousine rental company that is truthful to their service. Only hire a company that represents high levels of truthfulness and skills in what they do. You have to choose a company that fits your preferences like budget, taste and requirements.

Check the safety features

The safety features of your potential hire should be one of your major concerns. You must check if the company is insured and if all the vehicles are well-maintained. The next thing to do then is to get any information on their chauffeurs and other extra services. All their chauffeurs must be highly trained and certified to give you that peace of mind. Additionally, their chauffeurs must be polite and courteous to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Background check the company

Checking the background of any company that you’re potentially going to hire is a necessity. You must check all the vital information before you hire any company. Do a bit of digging if you can. Read up on feedback and opinions using the internet. You can easily find something using Google and their local review listings. However, when you see a negative review, it does not necessarily mean that the company is bad. There are times where a customer, no matter what the company does, will make a negative feedback. You need to see the whole picture before you judge the company as a whole.

Check for discounts and compare offers from different companies

You should compare different companies if you want to get the best deal. You may need to search for several companies before you find out the best deal there is. Also, you need to search for discounts because many companies offer discounts depending on the season. If you are planning to hire them on several occasions, you may find a regular discount that you can use. A quick search on the internet can net you a discount code that you can use. You just need to be resourceful when doing your search and you will find the best deals.

For more information, you can go to

Hire A Limousine For Your Business Trips

If you have a business trip coming up, you know how hectic your schedule is going to be once you arrive in the city. If you are not familiar with the city, there will be a lot of asking for directions and you will be lost a lot. Even if you are using GPS or other location tracking software, not being familiar with the place will make you confused. To put it simply, you are not going to enjoy your business trip if you don’t know the place. You will spend your time traveling feeling confused and stressed because you do not know the place.


What you can do is hire a city driver to take you anywhere. There are many car rental companies which can help you hire a city driver. The city driver knows the city and will make your business trip a whole lot comfortable and hassle-free. You only have to sit down and relax and let your driver take you wherever you please.

If you want, you can spend a little more and rent a limousine instead. It costs a bit more but it is roomier and offers a much better ride. In fact, some luxurious vehicle costs more to rent than a limousine. Basically, what you’re paying is the extra space and comfort which is definitely worth it.

Apart from the comfort a limousine ride will provide you, a limousine allows you to offer ride to your business clients. The extra space can be used as a meeting place. Yes, that is true! The extra space inside the limousine is big enough to be used as a meeting room. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a lot of movies that use limousine as their meeting place. While it may look gangster-like, it is actually not that bad. The limousine is big and will offer a comfortable ride for you and your clients. You can save time by having the meeting inside the car while you go out and go to your next meeting/business trip.

Apart from being used as a meeting place, a limousine will actually impress your clients. A limousine ride looks prestige and elegant – just the way you want to present yourself to your clients. If you go into a meeting riding one, you will instantly command respect. Unconsciously, your clients will be impressed and will take more interest into what you’re saying. For example, if you are looking for a limousine ride in Cleveland, you can visit this limousine rental company.

Overall, hiring a limousine for your business trips is a great move, comfort-wise. However, you should also take into account its effect on your business aura. A limousine will make you look like you’re a big deal. It makes you look like you care about your business image.

What to look for when hiring a photo booth rental company

Photo Booths have turned out to be particularly covering an extensive variety of clients from weddings and corporate occasions to charity and grade school occasions. Numerous stand style “Photo Booths” have appeared everywhere and might be extraordinary for a few capacities however photograph Booths they are most certainly not. The experience of a genuine photography Booth rental can’t be supplanted by simply stacking photographs on top of each other in a strip. Individuals like having the security that accompanies shutting the window for those personal minutes.

Booth Size:

When it comes to Photo Booths, greater is better! Not just will a greater Booth have the capacity to oblige you and your companion superbly, you can now hop inside with a little gathering of individuals adding to the fervor. For weddings, renting a photo Booth is an absolute necessity! You will have the capacity to get every one of the bridesmaids together with the lady or man of the hour to catch probably the most loved photos of the night. A bigger Booth measures up to more conceivable outcomes for extremely valuable pictures. The yield of the photograph is additionally essential! Party Booths utilizes a vertical product framework which takes into account impeccable representations and also permitting more space to legitimately act for the bigger gatherings as well.

Print Quality:

Many Photo Booth site photo booth rental services use printers that don’t create genuine photograph quality prints with an end goal to spare cash and time. If you request that the potential organizations mail you real photographs so you can think about the print quality. You will be amazed at the distinction when you see them one next to the other.

Back up:

This is your wedding! Ensure that the photograph Booth organization that you pick has move down hardware. You never know when a hard drive, camera, streak, printer, and so on might come up short. At Party Booths, each one of our Booths contains 2 PCs, 2 cameras, 2 flashes, and 2 printers, and so on to give you that additional genuine feelings of serenity. Click here.


Huge numbers of these photography Booth rental organizations maintain their business off a wireless and truly have one and only Booth. What happens when their unrivaled Booth separates the night prior to your occasion? Ensure that you contract a legitimate organization whose notoriety is unmistakably worth more than you’ll be paying for your rental.


Make beyond any doubt you have a marked contract with the company  you renting a photo Booth. This ensures them, as well as it secures you as well!


Photo booth rentals can fluctuate from about $499-$1299 per occasion. Try not to be tricked by less expensive, channel and wrap stalls or outdoors set ups. Like anything you put resources into you get what you pay for, so risks are a photo booth renan company that has a funnel and wrap set up most likely held back on camera and printer costs too. Run with a genuine photograph booth and give your visitors something they will appreciate. Keep in mind memories are extremely valuable!

Make Your Business Trip More Fun Using A Limo Ride

When we think of limousines, we’ll always think of elegance and beauty. Prestige and classiness is always associated with limousines because of its traditional and magnificent look. We can’t actually point out to when our fascination with limousine started but nevertheless it is actually justified – I mean, just look at it, it looks good. This is why limousines are always present in the classiest events such as red carpet premiers, weddings, exclusive parties, high class business trips and even prom nights. Download limousine app here.limorental6

What makes a limousine ride comfortable is the space inside. Looking at the exterior part of a limousine, you get an idea of extra space inside. However, upon entering the limousine, you’ll be surprise at how much extra space is actually there. A typical limousine interior has a lot of room in it – enough for a small party. Ever wonder why elite businessmen prefer this ride, this is because of the comfort. Why settle for a small sedan when you can rent a limousine with extra room inside that is enough for you to even lie down?

Limousine Rentals for Business trips

Let’s face it, business trips are usually tedious and boring. Rarely would you enjoy a business trip and even then, the business is in the back of your mind. Most of the trip just consists of going from one place to another with occasional stops for meetings with personnel and clients. It can get boring pretty fast and with you spending your time mostly on the road, you would want a comfortable place to sit in. Considering that most business trips would require a car rental, why not spend a little more and get yourself a limo?

Here’s what you will get when you rent a limo on your business trip:

  • Comfortable ride
  • Roomy inside
  • Elegant style
  • Can accommodate more people
  • Can hold a meeting inside
  • Private space
  • Private driver

With all of these benefits, you’ll assume that most business trips are going to prefer limousine ride but you’ll be wrong. Most businessmen still rent small sedans mainly because they are easy to find and easy to rent. While small sedans are easy to rent, more and more limousine rental companies are seeing more availability to business men. With just a little extra increase in price, you will be able to ride a limo with your own personal driver/chauffeur to get you around town.

If you are on a business trip and looking to rent a car, a good choice is to rent a small sedan but an even better choice would be to go with a limousine rental. With a limousine, you will get all the benefits listed above with just a fraction of a price increase. You want to spend your business trip in comfort and that just isn’t possible using a typical sedan. Spend a little more and get an exclusive ride around town using Cleveland Limousine Rental.

Travel Using A Limo Rental Service

If you want to impress a customer, client, or even a partner, a good car can certainly do the trick. There are times where you can’t rely on public transportation anymore, even more so if you are meeting an important person. You would want to look as good as possible to give out a good first impression. After all, first impression is an important part of meeting a person.

If you want to be extra classy, you may want to hire a limousine company for your travels. If you are visiting a city and want to get a comfortable ride around town, a limousine service is probably right for you. This kind of service is best recommended for businessmen as they are always on the move and will only stay in the city for a couple days.

A limousine rental company will make sure that you will be as comfortable as ever. Thanks to their roomy limousine, you have plenty of rooms inside the car. You can even lie down if you want to. A top of the line audio and visual system is in place to keep you entertained during your trips. After a tiring day at the airport, of course anyone would want to relax even inside a vehicle.

Renting a limousine is easy, especially today with many rental companies posting their services online. Find what type of limousine you would want to rent then give them a call. Once the details are worked out, all you have to do is arrive at the airport and you will be escorted to the limousine by a professional concierge. You will be given first class treatment to make sure you will be as comfortable as you’d like.

When you rent a limousine, you can give specific instructions to your driver on where you want to be. The drivers will go out of their way to make your ride as comfortable and as safe as possible. The drivers are licensed professionals so you don’t have to worry about your safety. Apart from that, a licensed company will have insurance in place in case something goes wrong.

Comfort and safety are not the only reason why renting a limousine is such a great idea for businessmen. It is usually rented by high ranking men to impress their clients and customers. Impress your clients by arriving in limo and giving them a ride around town. The interior of a limousine is roomy and can be used as a meeting room. There are drinks available inside the limousine. It’s all classy and elegant – it’s everything you imagine it to be.

How to Find the Best Photo Booth Rental?

Renting a photo booth can be very fun and appealing no matter the occasion. As the popularity of photo booths increase, so does the difficulty in finding a suitable rental option. However, finding the best photo booth rental isn’t actually that difficult, not when you know what to look for. So, how can you find the very best photo booth rental?

Use Recommendations

Firstly, one of the very best ways to find a photography booth rental would be to look at friends and family for recommendations or referrals. Now, you can ask as many people as you possibly can in order to get a few referrals or recommendations and it helps. Remember, friends, family and co-workers won’t usually recommend a service that is terrible, especially not when it’s an important day. You can really get a lot of help by asking people you know for referrals and even if you only get one or two names, you have made a great start.

Search Locally Via Yellow Pages and the Web

Whether you are looking for a wedding planning site or a photo booth for a birthday party, you always need to search the local ads. You can pick up a few local newspapers and check out the ad section and find out whether or not there is a local photo booth company willing to rent out their booth for special occasions. If not, you can always go online and scan the web for a few local rental companies instead. Of course, you are best sticking to the local area first so that you can get to know the company a little better.

Research the Company for History and Experience

When you have found a few services for renting a photo booth you now want to do a bit of homework. For example you really should be looking at the company’s years of experience in the field. This might not seem important when you are renting a photo booth for an event, however it can be because if the company isn’t experience, who’s to say they actually know what they are talking about? You don’t want to be supplied with the wrong item so you are best to look with rental companies who have been established for a little while at the very least.

Set Out a Budget for the Photography Booth Rental

You may want the best but if you haven’t got the cash, you won’t get it. However, when you have a set budget, you can set the level for the standards and quality you wish to receive. We all can’t get the best but we can get the best in our range and this is something important to remember. You are renting a photo booth for a day or a few hours and ideally you shouldn’t be paying out thousands for this. It’s crazy, instead create a reasonable budget and stick to it!

Find the Very Best

Everyone thinks there is just one top rental option out there when it comes to photo booths but in reality there isn’t. This is all about finding the best photo booth rental service for you. What you are specifically looking for is different from the next person and it’s important to remember this. You want to look for the best photography booth rental for you and your needs.

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