Wedding Planners Explain Why Marriages Fail

Wedding Planning

 Groom Has No Say in the Cake

If you want your marriage to last longer than the wedding, one of the biggest pieces of advice wedding planners offer is to allow your groom an opinion and a voice on the choice of items for the wedding, especially the cake. Typically, the bride to be is much more interested in the smaller details, but involving the groom in these kinds of decisions keeps him involved, and shows him that you really do value his opinion.

Groom’s Mother Controls Everything

Many groom’s mothers want to control the situation, and make it perfect for their son. This is a natural feeling to have, but grooms must be careful to avoid taking all of the control away from their brides. The bride and the groom should be the ones planning the wedding, with the occasional input of the mothers, but the mothers should never take total control of the wedding. Wedding planning is a chance for the groom and the bride to work together for their own future, and should not be overshadowed by the wants and needs of the families.

Overly Expensive Dress

Wedding and event planners will always tell you that the more that you spend on your dress, the more likely it is for the marriage to fail. The wedding is an important part of your lives, but it is only one part of your lives. You cannot put all of your money into this one part, when you have an entire lifetime together. The dress should not dominate your wedding budget. Nothing will tear a marriage apart faster, or more effectively, than money and financial issues. It is better to buy the less expensive wedding dress and have more money for after the wedding, than splurge for the wedding day. Click here !

Bride Tries to Control the Groom’s Bachelor Party

The wedding planning site is just one aspect of the wedding, another aspect is the bachelor and bachelorette parties. It is very important for both the groom and the bride to not place too many rules on their partner for the party. For many women, it may be too easy to want to worry about everything that your groom will be doing on their bachelor’s party, and ask too many questions. If you are going to get married to this person, you have to trust that they will not do anything inappropriate, and allow them to have fun and enjoy their night.

The Bride and Groom Fight in Public

Nothing spells disaster more clearly to a wedding planner than when the bride and the groom fight in public, especially in front of the wedding planner. Of course, couples are going to argue with each other, and the stress of planning a wedding will only make those arguments more frequent. However, when couples get into full on fights, that go below the belt, that is a terrible sign. It is best for couples to remember the reasons why they are planning this wedding in the first place, and enjoy each other’s company.

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